Event ID - 1559

Event Id1559
SourceActive Directory
DescriptionA request has been made to promote this DSA to a Global Catalog (GC). A precondition to becoming a GC is that this server host a read-only copy of all partitions in the enterprise. This server should hold a copy of partition %1 but it does not. This system will not be promoted to a GC until this condition is met. This may be because the KCC has not run- or that it is unable to add a replica of the partition because all of its sources are down. Please check the event log for KCC errors. The KCC will retry adding the replica.
Event InformationExplanation:
The local domain controller has been selected to be a global catalog. However, the domain controller does not host a read-only replica of the specified directory partition. A precondition to becoming a global catalog is that a domain controller must host a read-only replica of all directory partitions in the forest. This event might have occurred because a Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) task has not been completed or because the domain controller cannot add a replica of the directory partition because some source domain controllers are unavailable. Addition of the replica will be tried again at the next KCC interval.
User Action:
No user action is required.
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