Event ID - 154

Event Id154
DescriptionDescription 1.
The attribute Home-MDB is not directly importable.
Description 2.
The attribute Home-MTA is not directly importable.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
If you use the Headers.exe utility to export your Exchange Server folder attributes to a .csv file and select all attributes, the Home-MDB and Home-MTA attributes are created in the .csv file. If you then export your folder to the .csv file and later use the .csv file to import, the import procedure does not work because you cannot import the Home-MDB and Home-MTA attributes.
Before you perform the import procedure, edit the .csv file that you created from the Headers.exe utility, and then delete the columns of the Home-MDB and Home-MTA attributes.
Reference LinksError When You Perform an Import Procedure with the Home-MDB and Home-MTA Attributes

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