Event ID - 1519

Event Id1519
SourceActive Directory
DescriptionA Directory Service operation failed because the database has run out of version storage. If this error repeats frequently it most likely indicates that an object that is too large for the Directory Service to handle is attempting to replicate in. This object must be deleted or shrunk on a Directory Server where it already exists. The internal id is %1.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This is an Active Directory internal event. Internal events appear in Event Viewer only when the default logging level is changed. Most internal events are for informational purposes only. This event is logged when Active Directory cannot perform an operation because the Active Directory database has run out of version storage. This is usually caused by a long-running transaction that prevents version store cleanup.
Determine whether there are any long-running transactions that are being held by the system, such as a long search operation. If a long-running transaction does exist, determine whether it is an inefficient search and then take appropriate action.
Reference LinksWindows Operating System (Active Directory)

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