Event ID - 145

Event Id145
DescriptionError Configuring the profile for Account: Microsoft System Attendant.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
During the migration process, it is necessary for the System Attendant to log on as the users being migrated in order to perform certain tasks such as moving messages or personal address book entries and so on. In order to log on, the System Attendant must create a temporary profile and configure that profile. To create a profile, the migration wizard makes some calls into the Emsui(32).dll, which by default resides in the %Systemroot%\System(32) directory.
If the user running the migration wizard does not have access to Emsui(32).dll or access to the directory it resides in, the aforementioned events may be encountered.
To resolve this problem, grant the user running the migration wizard access to Emsui(32).dll:
1. Give the user access to the directory where Emsui(32).dll resides.
2. Copy Emsui(32).dll to the directory where Mailmig.exe is (by default, this is in the Exchsrvr\Bin directory)
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