Event ID - 145

Event Id145
DescriptionAn error occurred while attempting to route message message id to alternate recipient recipient. Recipient reassignment is prohibited for this message. [valuevaluevaluevalue] (14)
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
The message transfer agent (MTA) tried to use an alternate recipient but was not allowed to route to that recipient. In Exchange 2000 there are no longer Alternate Recipients. Instead, there is a Forwarding Address. This event occurs when the person who owns the Forwarding Address either does not have permissions to receive forwarded mail or has restrictions placed on the mail they receive. For example, if the Forwarding Address is restricted from receiving mail that is larger than 2MB, this event will occur if the Forwarding Address is sent mail that exceeds this size limitation.
In the Administrator window of the Exchange 5.5 server, on the Delivery Options property page of this recipient object, specify an alternate recipient. In Exchange 2000, in the console tree of Active Directory Users and Computers, double-click the domain node, and then double-click the Users folder. Right click a user and select Properties. On the Exchange General Tab, click the Delivery options button. On the Delivery Options page, make sure that a Forwarding address is correctly defined.
Reference LinksExchange (MSExchangeMTA)

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