Event ID - 1448

Event Id1448
SourceActive Directory
DescriptionThe Inter-Site Messaging Service SMTP Transport plug-in has received a delivery status report from the SMTP Service regarding a message that it submitted. This may be a permanent or a transient condition. The error message is: %1 The delivery status text is as follows: %2 %3 If the SMTP Service has given up too quickly- you can adjust the retry parameters using the SMTP Service Manager
Event Information"According To Microsoft:"
The Intersite Messaging service received a delivery status report indicating delivery failure for a message it submitted using the SMTP service. This might be a permanent or a transient condition. Active Directory will try this operation again later when it sends another replication message according to the intersite connection schedule.

If the SMTP service indicates a delivery failure very quickly, you might need to use the SMTP service manager to adjust the SMTP retry parameters.

If the destination domain controller is unknown or is not directly connected to the local domain controller, you might need to use the SMPT service manager to configure SMTP so that it uses a gateway to route the mail to the target system.

If the DNS address for the destination domain controller cannot be resolved.

If the mail message is too large, either increase the message size limit of the SMTP service or disable limit checking.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: Windows Operating System Version: 5.0 Event Source: Active Directory Event ID: 1448

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