Event ID - 14425

Event Id14425
DescriptionThe database '%s' does not seem to be involved in log shipping.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft

sp_change_secondary_role must be executed from the msdb database on the SQL Server instance that is designated as the secondary server in a log shipping pair. The database specified for @dbname must be defined as a valid secondary database on that same instance. A valid secondary database has a corresponding row in msdb.dbo.log_shipping_plan_databases on the secondary instance. If you execute sp_change_secondary_role on a SQL Server instance that does not have a designated secondary database of the name specified in @dbname, you will receive this error.
For more information about log shipping role changes, see "How to set up and perform a log shipping role change (Transact-SQL)" in Books Online.
Verify that log shipping is currently configured for the log shipping pair for which you wish to switch roles. Execute sp_change_secondary_role from the msdb database on the secondary instance and specify a database that is currently configured as the secondary database in the log shipping pair.
Reference LinksEvent Id:14425 of Source Id:MSSQLServer

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