Event ID - 143

Event Id143
DescriptionUnable to update the remote dirsync entry 233 in directory service.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

This problem is due to a Jet page size limitation.
Jet limits page size to 4 KB. Jet tries to store all the information for a record in the page. If the combined data exceeds the page size, the data is stored elsewhere, and a 6-byte pointer is stored in the original page. After you add enough values/attributes, Jet can no longer add anything else, so it generates this error.
Microsoft recognizes the need for people to export large numbers of containers to more than one MS Mail (PC) requestor. We have modified the necessary Exchange Server components so that more containers can be exported.
This feature is available in the latest service pack for Exchange Server version 5.5.install the latest service pack.

The updated Admin.exe, Dxa.exe and Dxamsg.dll files should be applied on the dirsync server experiencing this problem.
The updated Admin.exe file should be applied on all Exchange Server computers, so that they are aware of the new schema.
The updated Dxamsg.dll file should be applied on all servers that are used to check the event logs of the dirsync server that has this feature.
To apply this feature:
1. Stop all the Exchange Server services except the directory service.
2. On the dirsync server, type the following command at a command prompt, and then press ENTER:
admin -i schema.csv -d servername -o schema.ini
3. Stop the directory service.
4. Copy the updated Admin.exe, Dxa.exe, and Dxamsg.dll files to the Exchsrvr\Bin folder.
5. Restart all the Exchange Server services.
6. Check the event log for successful data conversion or any errors. Note that the updated Administrator program will now be used for any changes to the Exchange Server services or when additional Recipients containers are added to the Export Container tab in the properties for the Remote DirSync Requestor object.
7. Copy the updated Admin.exe
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