Event ID - 142

Event Id142
DescriptionDescription :
The MTA was unable to route to recipient <recipient>. The message (MTS-ID): <message>, recipient: <recipient>, recipient number <n>. Check the routing table for a possible incorrect routing configuration. [MTA DISP:ROUTER 10 119] (12).
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

This problem can occur when the Address Space tab in the properties for the connector is not configured properly. By default, the Address Space tab does not contain any entries. You must manually add the appropriate entries for the connector to function properly.
To resolve this problem, follow these steps:
1. In the Exchange Administrator program, select the appropriate Exchange Connector for Lotus cc:Mail, and then click Properties on the File menu.
2. Click the Address Space tab and then verify that an entry exists for the address * (asterisk). The entry should look similar to the following:
Type Address Cost
3. In the Exchange Administrator program, select the Site Addressing object, and then click Properties on the File menu.
4. Click the Routing tab, and then click Recalculate Routing.
5. Attempt to send a message to the cc:Mail recipient again.

One or more recipients in the local site have additional X.400 e-mail addresses defined in their properties that duplicate the address space or spaces of the destination site for the message.
There are two ways to resolve this problem, depending on your configuration:
If the additional e-mail addresses causing the problem were added in error, you can remove them from whatever recipients have such addresses specified. If the problem occurs suddenly, it is likely that someone has recently created or modified a recipient in the site with an additional e-mail address that duplicates the address space of the other site to which you can no longer send messages. In this case, you can try listing the mailboxes in order of date modified to try to isolate the mailboxes that were changed.
If the addresses are X.400 addresses and the address space of the other site is truly shared with the local site (up to OU4), you c
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