Event ID - 14169

Event Id14169
SourcePOP Intrusion Detection Filter
DescriptionWhile restoring cache data, 1 objects with conflicting information were detected. These objects were ignored, and were not restored. This may occur when there is conflict between cache data from previous and present cache configurations. You may consider deleting the cache files that were added to the current configuration, in order to avoid inconsistent data retrieval.
Event InformationAccording To Microsoft:
The event may be caused by a shortage of memory, an internal error, or corruption in the registry. If the problem is in the registry, it may be the result of changes made to the registry with a tool, such as regedit.exe.

Identify the specific reason for the failure from previous relevant event logs. Fix the problem, and then restart the Firewall service to enable caching.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: Internet Security and Acceleration Server Version: 4.0.3443.594 Event Source: POP Intrusion Detection Filter Event ID: 14169

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