Event ID - 14114

Event Id14114
Description%s is not configured as a Distributor.
Event InformationCAUSE:
If the message specifies a particular instance, as opposed to null, the instance specified has not been properly configured to be recognized as a Distributor.
If the message specifies null as a Distributor, there is no entry for the local server in the sysservers table in the master database, or the entry is incorrect. To verify the local server setting, connect to the local server and run "SELECT @@SERVERNAME" from Query Analyzer. If a (NULL) is returned, an entry for the local server does not exist in the sysservers table in the master database. If a value other than the Computer Name or SQL Virtual Name is returned, the entry is incorrect, perhaps because the computer was renamed. Note that a restart of SQL Server is required for changes to the local server to be reflected in @@SERVERNAME.

If the message specifies a particular instance, as opposed to null, you must either pass in a valid Distributor instance name or configure the desired instance as a Distributor. To verify if an instance is configured as a Distributor, use the stored procedure sp_helpdistributor. A Distributor can be configured through the Replication tools in SQL Enterprise Manager or with the sp_adddistributor stored procedure. If the message specifies null, verify that the value of @@SERVERNAME is correct for each server involved in this replication topology. Execute "SELECT @@SERVERNAME" and "EXEC master..xp_cmdshell set computername". When set computername is executed from Query Analyzer or OSQL for a clustered instance, it returns the SQL virtual server name rather than the node name, and the SQL virtual server name is the value needed for replication.
1. For a nonclustered default instance, "SELECT @@SERVERNAME" should return the same value as "EXEC master..xp_cmdshell set computername".
2. For a nonclustered named instance, "SELECT @@SERVERNAME" should return the value as "EXEC master..xp_cmdshell set computername" plus "\" pl
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