Event ID - 14075

Event Id14075
DescriptionThe Publisher could not be created at this time.
Event InformationCAUSE:
You tried to configure a Publisher to use a specified distribution database, or you tried to update the properties of an existing distribution database. The error occurred because of one of the following reasons:
1. The Publishers server name could not be added to or updated in the Distributors sysservers table.
2. The distributor_admin or probe account could not be added as a remote login on the Distributor.
3. The options of the existing distributor_admin remote login on the Distributor could not be updated.

Verify that you have passed the proper parameters to sp_adddistpublisher or sp_changedistpublisher. Check the SQL Server error log and the Windows event logs for additional messages that contain more details about the failure.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: SQL Server Version: 2000.80.760.0 Event Source: MSSQLServer Event ID: 14075

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