Event ID - 14013

Event Id14013
DescriptionThe Microsoft Exchange directory entry with CCMAIL e-mail address <Address> at <Exchange_site_name> could not be written to Lotus cc:Mail because it conflicts with an existing Lotus cc:Mail entry named <ccMail_account>. Choose a unique name and update the CCMAIL e-mail address for this entry.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
These errors are caused by an invalid or missing Exchange postoffice comment in the cc:Mail post office.
This may have been caused by manually adding the Exchange Server site name to the post office list with the cc:Mail Administrator program, or by removing the comment for the Exchange postoffice that was created with directory synchronization (dirsync) with the cc:Mail Administrator program.
The comment for the Exchange postoffice must be the following:
MSExchangeCCMC exchange server name
where exchange server name is the name of the Exchange Server computer that contains the Microsoft Exchange Connector for Lotus cc:Mail.
Reference LinksXFOR: cc:Mail Dirsync Event ID 14013 and 14018

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