Event ID - 14001

Event Id14001
DescriptionMicrosoft Exchange Connector for Lotus cc:Mail directory synchronization has started. Now exporting Lotus cc:Mail directory entries, mailing lists, and bulletin board titles.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
Microsoft Exchange Server was installed in a directory that exceeds eight characters in length (for example, C:\ExchSrvr55). When the Microsoft CCMC is configured to use the MS-DOS based Import.exe and Export.exe utilities (provided by Lotus cc:Mail), these utilities fail to operate if they are provided a path that exceeds the MS-DOS 8.3 naming convention.
Exchange Server provides the path to the Export.ini file (for example, C:\ExchSrvr55\CCMCData\Export.ini) and the MS-DOS utilities fail to locate the INI file necessary for normal operation.
Install Exchange Server to a directory that does not exceed eight characters in length.
Reference LinksXFOR: CCMC Fails to Operate if Exchange is Installed to Long Directory Name

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