Event ID - 1388

Event Id1388
SourceActive Directory
DescriptionThis destination system received an update for object which should have been present locally- but was not. The attribute set included in the packet is not sufficient to create the object. A full copy of the object will be requested.
Object Name: %1
Object GUID: %2
Partition: %3
Transport-specific source address: %4
Destination highest property update USN: %5
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
Another domain controller (DC) attempted to replicate into this DC an object that is not present in the local Active Directory database. The object might be permanently deleted on this DC because a tombstone lifetime (by default, 60 days) has passed. The attribute set included in the update request is not sufficient to create the object. The object will be re-requested with a full attribute set and re-created on this DC.
Verify that this object needs to exist. To re-creation of similar objects in the future, remove the follow registry key:
Reference LinksWindows Operating System (Active Directory)

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