Event ID - 1366

Event Id1366
DescriptionError: <error code> encountered when starting online defragment process for Exchange Site Replication Service database.
Event InformationThe online defragmentation process runs automatically. It defragments the directory database (Dir.edb) without requiring that the Site Replication Service be stopped.

Use the Error.exe utility to translate the error code. Verify that the Site Replication Service is running. Try performing an offline defragmentation of the database. First, stop the Site Replication Service. Open a Windows command prompt and run the Eseutil.exe or Edbutil.exe utility with the /d /ds switches.For more information, use the /? switch. After the offline defragmentation of the database is completed, restart the Site Replication Service.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: Exchange Version: 6.0 Event Source: MSExchangeSRS Event ID: 1366

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