Event ID - 13520

Event Id13520
SourceSecurity Accounts Manager
DescriptionThe Security Accounts Manager (SAM) or Local Security Authority (LSA) server was in the wrong state to perform the security operation.
Event InformationCAUSE:
This behavior can occur when the server that the Kerberos KDC service attempts to start on is not a domain controller. In this situation, by default, the Startup Type of service on the server that is not a Windows 2000-based domain controller is set to Disabled. 
To work around this behavior, set the Kerberos KDC service Startup Type to Disabled on member servers. This service must be set to Automatic only if the server is an Active Directory domain controller. 
This behavior is by design. 
The Kerberos KDC service cannot run on a member server or a stand-alone server. The Kerberos KDC service can only be run on a Windows 2000-based Active Directory domain controller.
Reference Links An "Error 1352" Message Is Displayed When You Attempt to Start the Kerberos Key Distribution Center Service

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