Event ID - 134

Event Id134
DescriptionError MH_RC_SESSION_BUSY returned by the MTA. (Thread 812).
Event InformationAfter you apply Microsoft Exchange Server Service Pack 3, directory synchronization (dir-sync) between Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Mail fails. After you turn up diagnostic logging on the Microsoft Exchange directory synchronization agent (DXA), the following event ID appears in the application event log.
CAUSE: Copying the Microsoft Mail Administrator mailbox on outgoing (from Microsoft Exchange Server) dir-sync messages (whether the computer running Microsoft Exchange Server is a dir-sync server or requestor) and then deleting these messages from both the Inbox and Deleted Items folder without reading them causes a non-read notification (NRN) to be returned to the Message Transfer Agent (MTA). The MTA fails during message conversion (MDBEF -> P2) and the message is incorrectly handled.
WORKAROUND: To prevent this problem, do the following:
Dont copy the dir-sync administrator on dir-sync messages.
Dont delete the dir-sync messages.
Open the messages before deleting them.

RESOLUTION: Apply the fix referenced below. The MTA code was fixed to properly handle the message conversion.
STATUS: Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Exchange version 4.0
Reference LinksExchange Dir-Sync Failing with Event ID 134

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