Event ID - 1311

Event Id1311
DescriptionDCs Fail to Synchronize or Validate Users Over NWLINK
Event Information According to Microsoft :


When the default protocol becomes inoperable, Netlogon fails to complete operations because it does not attempt to use other installed protocols.
NOTE: Protocols can become inoperable when catastrophic infrastructure problems occur involving routers or network addressing.

Netlogon has been updated. When Netlogon receives an error responding to a mailslot message from the first protocol that it attempts to use, it responds to duplicates of the original message received by all available protocols. Datagram mailslot messages are used by Netlogon to initiate client logon operations and inter-domain operations including the synchronization of domain controllers (DCs). By responding to all messages received, Netlogon responds successfully, even if an individual protocol is not operating properly
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