Event ID - 1300

Event Id1300
SourceMSExchange IMAP4
DescriptionAn unauthenticated IMAP4 client IP_address issued the following command: 01be5f80bfb95780 AUTHENTICATE NTLM.
Event Information"According TO Microsoft:"

You are attempting to access a mailbox that requires a clear-text password with Windows NT Challenge/Response (NTLM) authentication enabled

To resolve this issue, you have one of two options:
A: Configure the Windows CE Inbox clients IMAP4 service wizard (on page 1 of 3) to use only clear-text passwords. To do this, you need to leave the Domain field in the Optional section blank, and populate the User ID field using the following syntax:
For example: If the Windows NT domain is Domain1 Windows NT account is User1 and the Exchange mailbox alias is U1, then the User ID field would be similar to the following:


B: Request your network or e-mail administrator to change the Exchange mailbox alias to match your Windows NT account.

Do not use ANSI characters in your password. An example of such an invalid password occurs when you combine certain key strokes to use characters in the ASCII extended character set, for example, when you hold down the ALT key while you type 23456 on the numeric keypad of your keyboard.
Reference LinksXFOR: Error Retrieving Mail by IMAP4 on Exchange Server with Windows CE Inbox

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