Event ID - 1293

Event Id1293
Description A remotely-initiated association from /O=ORGANIZATION /OU=SITE/CN=CONFIGURATION/CN=CONNECTIONS/CN=X.400 CONNECTOR was refused. The failure reason provider is 0 and the reason is 0. Control block index 10. Type 1. [PLATFORM KERNEL 28 128] (12)
Event InformationAfter applying Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, the Exchange Server message transfer agents (MTA) queues may grow, and no messages will be delivered. If the priority of the messages in the queue is increased, or the MTA service is stopped and restarted, the queues may flush the messages. The above event with event id 1133 from the same source will be logged in the event viewer.
This is caused by a logic error in the Reliable Transfer Service Element (RTSE) connection recovery mechanism.
To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Exchange Server version 5.5.
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