Event ID - 1247

Event Id1247
SourceMSExchangeIS Mailbox
DescriptionError 1245 while disabling rule on public folder with rule ID 1-11CE4D. The folder ID of the public folder is in the data section of this event.
Event InformationThis information from some newsgroups may help you:
May occur if the following conditions are true:
1. A mailbox exceeds its storage limit.
2. This mailbox uses some client-only rules. In this situation, the mailbox rules cannot be successfully applied. This event indicates that there may be a problem with the Microsoft Exchange Server public folder store. To resolve this issue, use the Warning event that is described in the "Cause" section to determine the mailbox that is experiencing this issue. After you determine the mailbox, perform one of the following tasks:
1. Reduce the number of items in the mailbox.
2. Increase the size limit for the mailbox.
3. Delete the rules on the mailbox.
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