Event ID - 12288

Event Id12288
DescriptionAn exception has occurred which was handled internally. Exception Handler: 0 Code: c0000005 Flags: 0 Address: 77e87b1d For more information, click http://www.microsoft.com/contentredirect.asp.
Event InformationExchange 2000 Conferencing Server Web pages may stop responding when a Web client tries to gain access to them. The Exchange 2000 Conferencing processes do not show any CPU utilization in Task Manager. If you try to stop the Exchange 2000 Conferencing services, you may not be able to.</p> <p>CAUSE:
The default exception handler handled an access violation and permitted the service to continue running. This problem may occur if the thread that caused the access violation is a thread that must run for the Exchange 2000 Conferencing service (Xconfmgr.exe) to run. If this is such a thread, the service does not allow Web clients to connect and use the Exchange 2000 Conferencing Web pages.

An error occurs while Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server tries to process a meeting request with an exception record. If the meeting is not parsed correctly, an internal exception occurs, and the default error handler is called to log the error to Windows Event Viewer. 
To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server.
Reference Links Exchange 2000 Conferencing Web Clients Stop Responding When They Gain Access to the List.asp Page

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