Event ID - 1224

Event Id1224
DescriptionFatal replication error (internal ID 303025f). Parameter(s) 2615834 941779. Contact Microsoft Technical Support for assistance.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
The Exchange Server computer that is receiving these events has one or more objects in its directory with USN-Changed attribute values greater than the latest USN-Changed attribute value given to an object in the directory.
To resolve this problem, you can use command-line directory export, search for all objects with a USN-Changed attribute value greater than the latest change made in the directory, and then modify those objects.
To find the highest expected USN-Changed attribute value on the Exchange Server computer:
1. Start the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator program in raw mode by typing the following at a command prompt:
c:\exchsrvr\bin\admin /r
2. Open the properties of a mailbox or custom recipient.
3. Make a change to that object (such as the city or phone number), and click OK.
4. Open the raw properties of that same object and look at the value for the USN-Changed attribute. Make a note of this value for a future step.
Reference LinksXADM: Replication Doesnt Work; Event 1171 with Parameters 9 and 111

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