Event ID - 1173

Event Id1173
SourceNTDS General
DescriptionInternal event: Exception e0010004 has occurred with parameters -1102 and 0 (Internal ID 2030537). (JetDataBase ID -1102: JET_errWriteConflict -1102, Write lock failed due to outstanding write lock)
Event InformationSimultaneous changes against Active Directory object attributes on different domain controllers may cause an Active Directory collision for the update. When this occurs, NTDS replication warnings 1083 or 1061, or SAM error ID 12294 may be logged.
Reference Links Error Message: The Replication System Encountered an Internal Error

Description of NTDS Replication Warning IDs 1083 and 1061, and SAM Error ID 12294 Because of an Active Directory Collision

You cannot replicate updates between child domains and domain controllers after you run Adprep, Forestprep, and Domainprep

Lsass.exe Causes an Access Violation on a Domain Controller

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