Event ID - 1171

Event Id1171
DescriptionException e0010006 has occurred with parameters 2 and 1 (internal ID 40406e4).
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
The issue is that the ADC is trying to add an empty attribute to the Public Folder object. This causes LDAP to fail. This problem can occur when all three of the following conditions exist:
1. Certain users or distribution lists (DLs) are explicitly allowed to create top-level public folders or are not allowed to create top-level public folders on the Exchange Server computer.
2. There is no user Connection Agreement that replicates the mailboxes and DLs from Exchange Server 5.5 to Active Directory.
3. The ADC from Exchange 2000 SP1 has been installed.
You can resolve this problem three ways:
1. Create a user Connection Agreement to replicate the Exchange Server 5.5 mailboxes and DLs to Active Directory as accounts. This recipient Connection Agreement must be at least a one-way Connection Agreement from Exchange Server 5.5 to the Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory.
2. Create a two-way user Connection Agreement between Exchange Server 5.5 and Active Directory.
3. Install the Exchange 2000 SP3 Active Directory Connector (ADC).
Reference LinksEvent ID 8270, 1171, and 8146 error messages from Active Directory Connector and Site Replication Service

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