Event ID - 1164

Event Id1164
SourceMSExchangeIS Mailbox Store
DescriptionNo database session was available to satisfy a request on database "<name>". The number of sessions configured via the Active Directory attribute msExchESEParamMaxSessions on the storage group may be set too low for the level of activity on this storage group. The current value for this parameter is <value>.
Event InformationIf the parameter msExchESEParamMaxSessions is not present in Active Directory, then it is calculated from the following attributes on the Information Store object: msExchMaxPoolThreads (default value 4) msExchMaxThreads (default value 100) msExchBackgroundThreads (default value 57) The number of sessions configured is: msExchMaxPoolThreads*number of processors)+msExchBackgroundThreads+(msExchMaxThreads*3/4). Adjust these attributes to increase the number of available database sessions.
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