Event ID - 1157

Event Id1157
SourceMSExchangeIS Public Store
DescriptionThe rule (<rule id>) with sequence number <value> is being ignored because it is already in the rule trigger history. The distinguished name of the owning mailbox is <mailbox name>. Database "<name>".
Event InformationA list of applicable rules are kept with the folder. The specified rule already existed for this folder. Rules are set from the client application using either the Inbox Assistant or the Out of Office Assistant options. Each rule consists of one or more conditions that specify to which items the rule applies, and one or more actions that specify what to do with a qualifying item. When a rule is created, it is stored on the Exchange server, including any template messages for replies. When a message arrives, Exchange evaluates the message and determines if it fulfills any rules criteria. If so, the Exchange server then processes the message according to the rule. No user action is required.
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