Event ID - 1153

Event Id1153
SourceNTDS General
DescriptionClass identifier 1285129064 (class name msExchRecipientPolicy) has an invalid superclass 1285129062. Inheritance ignored.
Event InformationA Windows 2000 domain controller may stop responding (hang) while replicating schema updates to other domain controllers in the domain and log event ID 1153. This event states that a class identifier has a superclass that is invalid.
This problem occurs when a replication rule in the Ntdsa.dll code is changed to allow the replication of a class whose superclass has not yet replicated.
In versions of Windows 2000 before you apply this hotfix, the Ntdsa.dll file stopped replicating a class if a superclass did not replicate. 
To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Windows 2000.
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