Event ID - 1151

Event Id1151
Sourcemsexchangeis mailbox store
DescriptionA rule synchronization error (<error code>) has occurred on Mailbox Store "<name>".

The mailbox folder is <folder id>.

The distinguished name of the owning mailbox is <mailbox name>.

There are <name> of <number> retries remaining.
Event InformationExplanation :
This event could be seen during a move mailbox operation. It does not necessarily indicate an error condition. When you move a mailbox, the mailbox rules are packed in a single package on the source server, and are then moved to the destination server. On the destination server, an asynchronous task is immediately started to unpack the rules. This asynchronous task can be scheduled to run before the mailbox-move procedure completes, causing an Event ID 1151 to be logged in the application log of the Event Viewer. This does not indicate a problem with the mailbox move operation. When the task to unpack the rules completes successfully, another event (1154) is logged in the application log. 
User Action :
No user action is required.
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