Event ID - 112

Event Id112
DescriptionTask Scheduler could not start task "%1" because the network was unavailable. Ensure the computer is connected to the required network as specified in the task. If the task does not require network presence, remove the network condition from the task configuration.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft :
This event is logged when Task Scheduler could not start task because the network was unavailable.
Resolution :
Change task configuration settings
A new task instance was not run because a condition, or a setting defined for the task, was not met. Possible conditions affecting the start of a task include:
1.The task was configured to run only when a specified network is available.
2.The configured expiration time for the task has passed.
3.The task is configured to ignore or queue a new task instance if a previous instance is still running.
4.The task is configured not to run when the computer is on battery power.
5.The task is configured to run only if a specific user is logged on.
6.The task was disabled by a user.
7.The previous task instance might have been running longer than expected because a component is busy processing data. If the task is normally expected to run for this length of time, consider modifying the task triggers to take this run-time length into consideration, or configure the task to be terminated after a preset time.
This behavior may be intentional. However, if you did not intend for the task to run with these conditions, consider changing the corresponding task configuration settings to allow the task to run as intended.
To configure the task settings and conditions:
1.Click theStart button and typeTask Scheduler in theStart Search box.
2.Select the Task Scheduler program to start Task Scheduler.
3.Locate the task to update in the task folder hierarchy, and right-click the task and selectProperties.
4.The Settings tab contains a setting for stopping the task after a set period of time. You can change the task settings on this tab, and you can also update the task configuration settings on theConditions tab.
Verify :
To verify that the task runs correctly:
1.Click the Start button and type Task Scheduler in the Start Search box.
2.Select the Task Scheduler program to start Task Scheduler.
3.Select the task that you want to run by locating the task in the task folder hierarchy.
4.On theActions menu clickRun. You can also clickRun in theActions pane.
5.Click the History tab to view task events and verify the selected task started successfully.
6.Similarly, verify that the task starts as expected when its defined trigger fires.
Reference LinksEvent ID 112 from Source Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler

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