Event ID - 1111

Event Id1111
DescriptionAn error occurred while writing to the database log file of database "<name>". Attempting to stop the Microsoft Exchange Information Store.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

This issue can occur because when you restore an earlier online backup to an empty Mdbdata folder (or restore an earlier online backup with the erase all existing data option) and start the Information Store service, a new Edb.log file is created with the current log generation. After you copy the saved transaction logs back to the Mdbdata folder, the transaction logs seem to be in the correct sequence; however, the copied transaction logs generation number is equal to or greater than the Edb.log file number.
One of the transaction logs has the same log generation as the Edb.log file. Because of the already existing corresponding log, the Edb.log file cannot be renamed into the next number after the Edb.log file reaches 5 megabytes (MB). This causes the information store to stop and leaves the databases in an inconsistent state.
To resolve this issue, you can use one of the two following methods. You lose data with both methods. The amount of data that you lose depends on the situation, and cannot be foreseen.
Method 1 :
This is the fastest method, but this method is likely to involve more data loss.
1. Run the eseutil /ml command on the Edb.log file to find out the log generation number of the Edb.log file.
2. Delete all transaction logs that are equal to or greater than the Edb.log file number. Start the information store again.
Method 2 :
This method is more time consuming, but in most cases involves less data loss.
1. Restore the information store databases from an online backup again (either restore the databases to an empty Mdbdata folder or click erase existing data).
2. Copy the transaction logs that were saved before in the first online backup to the Mdbdata folder.
3. Make sure that the log files are concurrent in number, and then start the information store again.
This problem can occur when another program preven
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