Event ID - 1103

Event Id1103
DescriptionDuring intersite replication, the directory replication agent (DRA) received a non-delivery report (NDR) for messages submitted for the directory at %1. The diagnostic is %2. The reason is %3.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
The message transfer service congestion NDR is sent when the users local bridgehead server has had consistent difficulty reaching a remote message transfer agent (MTA) over an extended period of time.Exchange Server MTA may run out of TCP/IP control blocks and then can no longer initiate or accept X.400 communications from other MTAs.
To verify whether an Exchange Server X.400 bridgehead server is out of TCP/IP control blocks.After the above event is logged in the application, the MTA cannot send or receive messages to other MTAs. Unless there is another valid route for the messages to be delivered to the remote Exchange Server site, the MTA is forced to send NDRs for those messages after a period of time.
Reference LinksXCON: MTA Sends NDRs Because of Message Transfer Service Congestion

XADM: Exchange Replication Does Not Work with Event IDs 1102 and 1103 Between Sites

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