Event ID - 1101

Event Id1101
DescriptionCould not allocate new page for database '%.*ls'. There are no more pages available in filegroup %.*ls. Space can be created by dropping objects, adding additional files, or allowing file growth.
Event Information"According to Microsoft

The specified filegroup has run out of free space.
To gain more space, you can free disk space on any disk drive containing a file in the full filegroup, allowing files in the group to grow, or you can add extra data files to the specified database.
Freeing Disk Space
You can free disk space on your local drive or on another disk drive. To free disk space:
1.Move the data files in the filegroup with an insufficient amount of free disk space to a different disk drive.
2.Detach the database by executing sp_detach_db.
3.Attach the database by executing sp_attach_db, pointing to the moved files.
Modifying a Data File
You can also create space by adding a data file to the specified database using the ADD FILE clause of the ALTER DATABASE statement. Or you can enlarge the data file by using the MODIFY FILE clause of the ALTER DATABASE statement, specifying the SIZE and MAXSIZE syntax."
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