Event ID - 1101

Event Id1101
SourceMSExchangeIS Private
DescriptionError -510 occurred during a background cleanup on message 1-E93.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This problem may occur when SFM has been installed on the Exchange Server computer and the Jet transaction logs (DSADATA and MDBDATA) reside on a Macintosh volume. After the information store has shut itself down after the error has occurred, a zero byte Edbtmp.log or a zero byte Edb.log file will be left in the MDBDATA directory. This error condition arises when the Edb.log file is full and needs to be rolled over to the next generation log file number. A zero byte Edbtmp.log file is created by Jet and is extended to a file size of 5 MB. Edb.log is then renamed to the next numbered log file (for example, Edb000xx.log). Edbtmp.log is then renamed to Edb.log and then jet continues processing new incoming messages.
The problem occurs in the transition of renaming these files when SFM is involved. With SFM, there are essentially two file indexes that need to be kept: NTFS and Apple Fileshare Protocol (AFP). A timing condition can arise where the AFP update occurs after the file has already been renamed and thus no longer exists under the old name in NTFS. If so, SFM will create a new zero byte file, which causes an error condition that reports back to Jet that "The file already exists." This error is eventually interpreted by Jet as being an out of disk space condition and the information store then shuts itself down to maintain the database integrity.
This problem can be avoided by not having any Jet transaction logs located on a SFM volume.
Reference LinksXADM: IS Shuts Down with JET Reporting Out of Disk Space Due to SFM

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