Event ID - 1101

Event Id1101
DescriptionError 0x8004010f occurred during background cleanup on message number
Event Information"According to Microsoft:

During routine background processing, the content of each mailbox size is checked against its limit. If a message contains a pointer to an attachment that is not found in the attachment table, this event is logged. The event may be logged if you use the ISScan utility to remove certain attachments because the messages have pointers to the attachments.
These events are harmless and disappear when no more messages that contain the removed attachment exist.You can use the following command in the ISInteg utility to resolve this behavior:
Exchange Server 5.5:
Exchange 2000 Server:
Isinteg -s servername -fix -test alltests.where servername is the netbios name of the Exchange 2000 server."
Reference LinksEvent ID 1101 error 0x8004010f may be logged during background processing

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