Event ID - 1084

Event Id1084
Sourcemsexchangeis public store
DescriptionThere is corruption in rich text format (RTF).

Compressed RTF size <value>.Extra data: dwMagic <value>. size <value>, raw size <value>, CRC-32 <value>.

Database: <name>
Logon: <distinguished name>
Message ID: <id>
From: <name>
To: <name>
Cc: <name>
Event InformationExplanation :
This event could be accompanied by an inability to move or delete messages. When you attempt to move or delete messages using Outlook, you might receive an "Unknown Error" message, or some other error message.

User Action :
Ensure that the latest service packs have been applied to the Exchange server. Also check to see if any third-party products that are related to Exchange or Outlook have been installed. If so, try to uninstall those products and see if this eliminates the problem. If the issue persists, contact Microsoft Product Support Services.
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