Event ID - 1083

Event Id1083
SourceNTDS General
Description Events that Indicate Active Directory Replication Problems
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft :

A duplicate object is present in the Active Directory of the replication partner of the local domain controller, so updating it is impossible.

In some cases, an administrator might create or move an object into a container on one domain controller and another administrator might delete that same container on a different domain controller before the object is replicated. In such cases, the object is added to the LostAndFound container for the domain. The LostAndFoundConfig container in the configuration directory partition serves the same purpose for forest-wide objects.

Procedures for Troubleshooting Lost Domain Objects

1. In Active DirectoryUsers and Computers, on the View menu, click Advanced Features.
2. In the console tree, click the LostAndFound container.
3. For each object, examine the Last Known Parent attribute. This attribute indicates the previous location of this object.
4. For each object, do one of the following, as appropriate:
Move the object to the correct location, recreating the parent if necessary.
Delete the object if it is no longer needed.
1. Review and revise your operational procedures to ensure that object creations and deletions are coordinated
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