Event ID - 1083

Event Id1083
DescriptionThere is corruption in rich text format (RTF). The compressed RTF size is <value>.

Database: <name>
Logon: <name>
Message ID: <id>
From: <name>
To: <name>
Cc: <name></p>
Event InformationExplanation :
This event can be seen with Event ID 1084. There are several conditions under which this message can occur. For example, some third-party products can cause this message. One of the products is "Secrets for Windows," which is a client-side encryption application. Basically, the message indicates that the PR_RTF_COMPRESSED property exists, but its size is smaller than the size of the header structure that the stream is supposed to begin with.
User Action :
Check to see if there is a client-side application that could be manipulating the messages before they are processed by the server. Look for related messages in the application log. Check if there are server-side applications that are processing the mails (for example, an antivirus application).
Reference Links Information That Is Recorded in the System Event Log for Event 1083 Contains Incomplete Information

Error 29920. Failed to Start the Service. Error No: 0x43b

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