Event ID - 1074

Event Id1074
DescriptionReplication warning: There was a conflict with replication. Modifications made to object/o=Alpha/ou=Omega/cn=Recipients/cn=Technical Disc by directory with globally unique identifier (GUID) 74799c39c5b2d11197230001fa6a0863 EXCHANGE05 were lost.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This event indicates that a directory object was modified on two different servers in the same site before the change has had chance to be replicated. Because of this, one servers changes were discarded. Any directory object may be affected including a mailbox, distribution list, address-book view, or custom recipients.
You will not see the above Event ID in the log unless the Directory Services diagnostic logging has been increased in the following diagnostics logging category: REPLICATION.
This is not a problem with the Microsoft Exchange Directory. The basic rule to follow when modifying objects is to make changes to an object from only one point in a site. If an object is modified on two different servers within the same site within the directory replication interval, then it is possible for directory replication conflicts to occur.
Reference LinksXADM: Directory Replication Conflicts and Event ID 1074

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