Event ID - 106

Event Id106
DescriptionSQLServerAgent security context does not have server-autorestart privileges.
Event InformationWhen you install SQL Server 7.0 onto a Microsoft Windows 2000 domain controller, and you configure the service accounts for the SQL Server Agent and the Microsoft SQL Server per the "Creating SQL Server Services User Accounts" topic in SQL Server Books Online, if you use a different account for each service, the SQL Server Agent reports an error message, similar to the above, every five (5) seconds in the Microsoft Windows NT application log.This problem only occurs on a Windows 2000 domain controller and does not occur on a Member server.

This problem may also occur when the startup accounts and the registry permissions for SQL Server and the SQL Agent service are not configured as stated in the "Creating SQL Server Services User Accounts" topic in SQL Server Books Online. 
To work around this problem either: 
Make the SQL Server service start up account to a Domain Admin account.

Make SQL Server and SQL Agent services start up under the same domain account with appropriate rights.

Install SQL Server 7.0 cluster servers on Windows 2000 Member servers only.
Reference Links SQL Server Agent Reports Event ID:106 If You Install SQL Server on a Windows 2000 Domain Controller

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