Event ID - 106

Event Id106
DescriptionStatistics for Public Folder replication session "<session name>" [<value> Message Changes <value> Message Deletions <value> Message Ignores <value> Message Errors <value> Folder Changes <value> Folder Deletions <value> Folder Ignores <value> Folder Errors].
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This document describes how to use the Microsoft Exchange Server InterOrg Replication utility to share free and busy and public folder information. The InterOrg Replication utility is made up of two programs, the Exchange Server Replication Configuration utility (Exscfg.exe) and the Exchange Server Replication Service (Exssrv.exe). You can use these programs to coordinate meetings, appointments, and contact information between members of two different Exchange organizations. Additionally, message types can automatically be converted to posts and added to public folders that can then be replicated.
By using a configuration file created by the Exchange Server Replication Configuration utility, the Exchange Server Replication Service continuously updates information from one server (designated as the publisher) to one or more Exchange computers (designated as subscribers). Schedule+ free and busy information is replicated from publisher to subscriber only. Because of this, you must have two free and busy sessions to bi-directionally update free and busy information. Public folders can be replicated from publisher to subscriber or bi-directionally. You can configure the replication frequency in addition to the logging of message and folder replication, and how much processing power you want devoted to the replication process.
Reference LinksInstalling, configuring, and using the InterOrg Replication utility

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