Event ID - 1042

Event Id1042
Descriptioncc:Mail - Utilities Error Incorrect version of Export/Import.exe. cc:Mail Export.exe, Import.exe, and IE.RI version 8.00 to 8.X must be in the search path for executable files.
Event InformationFor Lotus post office version DB8 release 8.1 and 8.2, use Export.exe version 8.0 or later, Import.exe version 8.0 or later, and the IE.ri file. For DB8 release 8.3, use Export.exe and Import.exe version 8.3 or later, Impexp.ri for DOS, and IE.ri for OS/2. Verify that the export file is in the system search path (for example, x:\Exchsrvr\Bin). Type export /? to determine which version of Export.exe you are using.
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