Event ID - 103

Event Id103
DescriptionSQLServerAgent could not be started (reason: Unable to connect to server "(local)"; SQLServerAgent cannot start).
Event InformationStarting the SQLServerAgent service is unsuccessful and the following error message is in the SQLAgent.out file: 

2002-03-18 13:11:46 - ! [298] SQLServer Error: 18456, Login failed for user sa. [SQLSTATE 28000]
2002-03-18 13:11:46 - ! [000] Unable to connect to server (local); SQLServerAgent cannot start

The following conditions must be true for the error message to occur: 
1) SQL Server is installed on a Backup Domain Controller (BDC) on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, or on any domain controller (DC) that is not the first DC in Microsoft Windows 2000 (the SV_TYPE_DOMAIN_BAKCTRL bit is set in the server role):
2) The connection properties for the SQLServerAgent service to connect to SQL Server is set to SQLAuthentication.</p> WORKAROUND:
To work around this behavior, you can use either of the following methods:

Use Windows Authentication for the SQLServerAgent service to connect to SQL Server.

To use Windows Authentication, follow these steps: 
1) Open SQL Server Enterprise Manager, expand Server, and then expand Management.
2) Right-click SQLServerAgent, and then click to select Properties.
3) Move to the Connection tab.
4) Click to select the Use Windows Authentication option button.
5) Click Apply, and then click OK.
6) Start the SQLServerAgent service.
7) Start the SQLServerAgent service under a domain account. 
STATUS : Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in SQL Server 2000.
Reference LinksStarting the SQL Server Agent is Unsuccessful on a Backup Domain Controller

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