Event ID - 1038

Event Id1038
DescriptionMicrosoft Exchange System Attendant was unable to find the Exchange server object named server name in the Active Directory. All known Domain Controllers were checked for this object.
Event InformationAccording To Microsoft:

This event indicates that the System Attendant process was not able to find the Exchange server object in Active Directory. This failure might have occurred because of missing permissions, or because the Exchange Server object was removed from Active Directory. This event might also occur if the distinguished name of the Exchange server was changed. There might be other event messages in the Application log accompanying this event.

To resolve this error, try one or both of the following:
1. Check to make sure that the distinguished name of the Exchange server named in this event was not modified.

2. Verify that the Exchange server is part of the Exchange Domain Servers group.
Reference LinksEvent Id: 1038 Event Source: MSExchangeSA

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