Event ID - 1036

Event Id1036
DescriptionAn error occurred while starting the Microsoft Exchange name Service: server instance number value failed to start with error error code.
Event InformationExplanation :
This event indicates that the IMAP4 Service could not be started due to a problem. The error code in the description section of the Event may give a clue to the underlying cause. Please use the ERROR.EXE program on the Exchange 2000 Server CD ROM to get details on the error code. 
As mentioned before, there may be many causes for this error. Please see the other associated events in the application log and examine the error code in the 1036 event to determine the root cause. A corruption of the IIS Metabase could also cause this Event Message. 

User Action :
Try starting the service manually. Try rebooting the server and see if the IMAP4 Service starts automatically. If you suspect that the Metabase is corrupt, please call Microsoft Product Support Services for assistance.
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