Event ID - 1027

Event Id1027
DescriptionEnsure that the NetBIOS interface network software is installed.
Event InformationFollowing information from newsgroup post may help:

"Following events logged in to the event viewer from the source MSExchangeIS,
1027,5000, 7024.
The solution seemed to be some what simpler, I would have never thought of it. I used document Q238167 How to Configure and Troubleshoot small business Server and followed all steps in this document. Much to my surprise exchange came up when I restarted after implementing this document.
Things I had to change where:
- empty DNS Service Search order in configure TCP/IP properties
- configure DHCP manager settings (no wins node type and nbns server
present) after this was done I shut down every PC in the company and brought the
server down for 5 minutes, everything worked fine now."
Reference LinksHow to Configure and Troubleshoot Small Business Server

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