Event ID - 1025

Event Id1025
SourceMSExchangeIS Private
DescriptionAn error occurred. Function name of description of problem: EcGenerateNRN: Error: <error code>
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

A user or users have exceeded their mailbox storage limit and the storage warning message is unable to be delivered to the user by the system attendant.
In situations where both a storage limit warning message is delivered to the user and a 1025 event is logged, the user may have a rule set in his or her mailbox, which is applied on the storage limit warning message. Because of the storage quota limit, the rule cannot be applied, and event 1025 is logged.
Have those users who have exceeded their mailbox storage limit clean out or archive messages from their mailboxes. Or, raise or remove their mailbox storage limit in the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator program.
Reference LinksEvent ID 1025 (EcDoDeliverMessage) During Information Store Storage WarningXADM: Event 1025, Error 0xfffff9bb During EcGenerateNRN or EcGenerateReadReport

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