Event ID - 1022

Event Id1022
DescriptionCCMail DB8 extraction - Error Creating random temporary file name for Export.exe User <user name>.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This behavior occurs because the Migration Wizard does not migrate mail for disabled user accounts that were created during directory synchronization.
If the Migration Wizard matches a mailbox that you are migrating to a disabled Windows account, or if you manually match a mailbox to a disabled Windows account, Migration Wizard will create a mailbox for that account. However, the Migration Wizard may not import email into the newly created mailbox.
To work around this behavior, do not create disabled users with Directory Synchronization.To resolve this problem, you should temporarily enable only the accounts for which the Migration Wizard did not import email. After enabling only the necessary accounts, and after you have allowed enough time for the changes to be replicated, run the Migration Wizard again to import email into the accounts.
Reference LinksXFOR: Mail May Not Be Migrated from Novell GroupWise for Disabled User Accounts

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