Event ID - 1022

Event Id1022
DescriptionDS lookup for user <user name>, connecting from <host name>, failed with error <error code>.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This event indicates that Exchange 2000 Server failed to perform a name lookup for the user mentioned in the event. The error code may reveal what the underlying cause is.
There could be several reasons for such a name lookup failure. Look for network connectivity issues. Verify that the domain controller/global catalog is up and running and reachable from the Exchange 2000 Server. If this is a parent/child domain scenario, try to force the Exchange 2000 Server to talk to a global catalog in its own domain. Verify that the User Logon Name (Pre-Windows 2000) and the Mailbox Alias name are the same. If they are not, you will need to provide the alias name when logging on.
1. Hardcode the root domain global catalog servers in the Directory Access tab of the Exchange server in ESM.
2. Enter the logon credentials in the following format when you are connecting through POP3: DomainName\LogonName\MailboxAlias
Reference LinksExchange (IMAP4SVC)

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